Nirava Ayurveda Since 1908
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 Experience Ayurveda like never before with authentic Ayurvedic products from Chingoli Ayurveda Family ,which is dedicated to the practice of holistic health and wellbeing Since 1908.

It is run by a family of Kerala Ayurveda physicians with a repository of rich wisdom in Ayurveda accumulated over four generations.

Nirava produces only Natural and Result Oriented products that are manufactured in the highest standard to enhance an individual's life on every level. 

At Nirava Ayurveda we give back, our Chingoli Ayurveda Charitable Trust helps to provide free health care to the underprivileged. Please know that when you order, you help make a difference.

Customer Speak

I have been using their products since 10 years,i must say the quality is impeccable and authentic,Especially the Hair oil and Pain oil.

Sarah Jacob

I have been to the centre in kerala for treatment and knew about the product line .Visited the manufacturing facility ,must say the quality they maintain and attention they give in manufacturing is impeccable .i use Nirava body shampoo and hair products daily for a year now.


Started using Nirava products since last year.I love their hair cream and mud mask ,easy to use and got  wonderful results.


Nirava ayurveda products have been my go to products for 2 years now.I started using their hair oil and massage oil. Now i buy thier chyawanprash and Stretch mark oil.i can really feel the difference.The quality of the products is really evident as it is run by a doctor family.


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